Eyelet Products & Engineering Company
Phone: (815) 288-1649 • 1709 Eyelet Rd. Dixon, IL 61021


Eyelet Products utilizes both transfer and conventional punch presses to produce a variety of drawn parts and other stampings. Eyelet operates Waterbury Farrel transfer presses sized 0 through 20 and a US Baird size 325. Our transer presses have from 8 up to 13 stations. Eyelet has 45 up to 150 ton conventional presses with progressive die capabilities. There are a number of factors that determine capability to produce a part; material type, thickness, blank size, and number of stations required to form the required shape. All of these factors and any special features such as flattening, coining or notching determine tonnage requirements. Depth of draw as a percentage of blank size determines the use of conventional or transfer press to fabricate and form the part. Our engineers will factor in all the variables to place your part in the best press or decide if we have manufacturing capability.

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